KOSMIC is cooperating actively with the Korean government on the export of e-government

.KOSMIC is actively leading export of Korean e-government. To reach this goal, we are continuously cooperating with government offices to participate in international exhibitions and various business matching opportunities.

Also KOSMIC is supporting its members by actively using various government programs, and thus by making efforts to effectively expand to global market.

KOSMIC is always open for reaching to the global IT market

Many other Korean organizations are doing their best to reach global market. Therefore KOSMIC is collaborating with organizations sharing same goal to make a mutual synergy.

KOSMIC is building win-win relationship with big companies.

Recently, IT is playing important roles in all industries, and its role as integrating solution is emphasized. Hence, when big companies in each industries are reaching global market, KOSMIC will supply required software in time to make various successful collaboration models.

KOSMIC will emphasize internal capacity building to become a competent business partner.

Internal capacity building of KOSMIC is the most basic and essential activity. We are very well aware that without the readiness, there is no successful business, and thus we are doing our best to prepare ourselves to be a competent business partner.

KOSMIC is building global human network

KOSMIC is making comprehensive strategy and executing it for reaching global market by building global human network throughout various levels and forms. This will require strong trust with the human network, and we will perform according to a mid/long term roadmap rather than short term profit.